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Why I built Tribe Finder

February 27, 2024

In the era of remote work, the concept of “home” has evolved beyond geographic boundaries to fundamentally encompass community. This shift…

Native image lazy-loading: how a single HTML attribute decreased initial load times by 40%

July 15, 2020

According to HTTPArchive, images are the heaviest and most requested asset type for most websites. In a lot of cases, users download many…

An introduction to Puppeteer and Headless Chrome

September 04, 2017

Note: This post was also published on Headless Chrome is a newly released feature in Chrome 59 (Linux and Mac) and Chrome 60 (Windows…

How are passwords stored?

April 22, 2017

Note: This post was also published on Have you ever wondered how your passwords are stored in the websites you use? Have you ever…